Please note: Quota pricing may change during the season. Please confirm with our office.

Quota for lease (last updated 10/07/2021)

NumberTypeAmount availablePrice
QL1RTEAny amount$0.20 + GST
QL2OSAny amount$0.40 + GST
QL3SMAny amount$0.85 + GST
QL4Spanner Crab12000 + Kg to lease$3.00 + GST
QL5CTNot available at the moment  

All amounts are leased per kg and sold per Unit.
All costs will have GST added to total.
Should you require something not on our current list, please do not hesitate to contact us as we may know of something coming to the market for sale.

Quota for sale (last updated 10/07/2021)

NumberTypeAmount availablePrice
QS1East Coast Trawl Units2000 units to sell$30.00 per unit plus GST
QS2SM quota for sale400 units  ** Sold ** $8.00 per unit + GST
QS3Coral Trout quota for sale10,000 units of CT quota$35.00 per unit nil GST
QS4OS4,000 units unused$3.00 per unit nil GST
QS5Trawl East Coast for sale1600 T1 Effort units$13.00 per unit plus GST
QS6Trawl East Coast for sale3,000 units to sell$25.00 per unit plus GST
QS7OS quota for sale2500 units * unused * SOLD$3.50 per unit plus GST
QS8SM quota2000Kg$8.50 per Kg plus GST
QS9CT quota for sale800 units ** Sold **$35.00 per unit nil GST
QS10SM quota for sale1450 Kg ** Sold *8$8.25 per Kg plus GST
QS11RTE quota for sale*** Sold ***2500 Kg** Sold **$0.30 per Kg plus GST
QS12SM quota for sale1000 units$8.00 per unit plus GST