Tony started in the fishing industry in the late 60’s as a trawler deckhand with his father Issy Riesenweber on the trawler “Tarana” and then “Tally-ho” out of Doboy Creek. After his father’s death on a trawler in Moreton Bay, Tony had a break from the industry until his return when he started investing in the industry. After many years line fishing and then crab and net fishing, his son Lionel joined him and they are both now full-time crabbers.

Tony and his wife Jeanette have owned and operated their own commercial fishing business for many years and have extensive hands on experience and knowledge of the fishing industry. Tony has been a member of, and held various committee positions within the Queensland Seafood Industry Association, and Moreton Bay Seafood Industry Association. He has also been a member of other various industry committees.

The Riesenweber family have a lot of knowledge, and experience to offer anyone interested in entering the industry.