WANTED TO BUY – Any licence or symbols

Licences for lease (last updated  4.10.2021)

Reference No.LicencePrice
L1C1 Lease of  licence with quotaPOA
L2C1   N2 Lease of licence with quotaPOA
L3C2 C3 L3 (1) licence to lease12 months $2,000.00 plus GST
L4Client wants to lease or buy W1 licence 
L5N1   N11  Lease of  licence with quotaPOA
L6L3 licence to leasePOA
L7RQ    SM    L3  Licence to lease 12 months $5000.00 plus GST 
L887 Torres Strait nightsPOA
L92360 unitsPOA
L11lease N3 N11 L3 Licence12 months $9000.00 plus GST
L13C1   C3  L3 (0)   N11 N2 Licence to lease 

12  months $6,000.00 plus GST 

L14C1 L3 (1) licence to lease only  No Quota 12 months $1500.00 plus GST
L15 L2 (3)  RQ (2) SM (3) for lease*** Leased ***

12 months $5000.00

6 months $2700.00

L16 RQ L1 L3 licence to lease 12 months $4500.00 plus GST
L18L2 (4) RQ ( 4) licence to lease  *** Leased ****12 months $5000.00 plus GST
L19N3 licence to lease POA
L21C2 L1 L3 licence for lease P O A 
L22N1 licence to lease to lease12 months $6,500.00 plus GST
 C1 licence licence and quota t lease POA 

Should you require something not on our current list,  14th September   2021 Please note that any necessary fees payable to Department of Fisheries are in addition to cost listed

Reference No.LicencePrice
S2RQ tenders for sale or swap for SM Quota$3200.00 plus GST each
S3 L1 (2)  L3 (2) licence for sale $20,000.00  Nil GST
S4L3 (0)   RQ (0)  licence for sale $25,000.00 plus GST
S5L1 & L3 tenders for saleoffers
S6Client wants to buy mud and sandcrab quota  POA
S7For sale Ocean Beach Worm Fraser Islandoffers
S8L3 N2 S Licence Boat Equipment package Good historyoffers
S9NSW Fishing Charter Licence , 22 people, Line, Trolling & Sports$40,000.00 plus GST
S10T1 M1 licence 2207 Trawl units Not available for sale  until Nov 2021 package $100,000.00
S11N2 & Shark licence for sale, has fair history$100.000.00 nil GST
S12T5 symbol only$20,000.00 plus GST
S13C1 licence with 1550kg of EC1 quota$120,000.00 plus GST
S14Package N2 S licence with Mullet Barra Nets / Boat with new 30hp$120,000.00 nil GST
S15JE licence 1 of 12 issued$45,000.00 plus GST all offers considered
S16T1 L3 Primary with 150 Torres Straits nightsPOA
S17T5 L3 licence for sale$30,000.00 plus GST
S18L3 (1)  RQ (1) Licence for sale$31,000.00 plus GST
S19L4 (2) symbol only$15,000.00 plus GST
S20sale  Eel licence total $10,000.00 Nil GST
S21for sale C2 RQ (4) L2 (4) licence$40,000.00 plus GST
S22Client has Primary licence for sale $15,000.00 plus GST 
S23W1 (Worm & Yabbie Zone 1)$58,000.00 plus GSTS
S24Client wants to swap 2 X RQ tender for N11 Symbolno money to change hands
S25C2 L1 (1) licence for sale willing to sell symbols separately$14,000.00 plus GST
S26RQ (1) Symbol only for sale  ***  Sold ***$14,000.00 plus GST
S27L3 RQ  SM Licence for sale POA
S28Primary Licence  NO SYMBOLS  attached for sale$12,000.00 plus GST
S29N1 licence  for sale$35,000.00 plus GST
S30N1 & N11 & T5 Licence for sale$60,000.00 plus GST
S31L1 (1) symbol only for sale *** Sold ***$6,000.00 plus GST
S32N11 symbol only for sale   $6,000.00 plus GST
S33RQ (1) symbol only for sale *** Sold **$14,000.00 plus GST
S34N2 symbol only for sale$60,000.00 plus GST